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How To Practice

How do You Get to Carnegie Hall….or the Rock Hall??


I think students & parents tend to understand that practice is important, but beyond that basic understanding there is a large gray area: Sure practice, right. Practice what? practice how? when, where, how long, why? Perhaps I can help. The main elements of practice are these:

1. Just Do It

2. Do the right things

3. Set mini goals

Here’s a bit more detail on each element of practice:

1. Just Do It. I’m not big on corporate-made catch phrases but I love this one. Regular, daily practice is by far the most important thing you can do to become good at playing guitar (or any instrument). Music is a set of skills, just like soccer or baseball, or math, and the more you often you do it the better your body and mind remember how to do it. Don’t count minutes, that won’t help, just play music. See below. Read more..