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Lessons for Cello, Violin and Bass.

The rich sounds that come from the classic strings has been enjoyed the world over since 1556.  These strings have evolved over the years to be among the most popular in music making.violin lesson

Whether you need to start with classic fundamentals or want to add a new sound to your jazz band, Songdog classic strings lessons can deliver emphasis on both musical expression and optimum technique.  Musicians who play these instruments love the rich sounds the wood produces and the way it vibrates slightly in your hands.

Become proficient at Cello, Violin or Bass using popular techniques and methods.

These instruments are often thought of as “difficult to learn,” and while there are many challenges to learning classic stringed instruments, once you get the basic understanding of the instrument, the learning comes quickly.  You should be prepared to do a good amount of practice to become good at these strings.

Songdog training on these popular string instruments is available for Children beginning at 6 years old, to older adults.  Additionally those familiar with the strings can learn new techniques and styles to impress their friends and colleagues.   If you’re in a band and want to learn new sounds to add to your repertoire you can get that type of training as well.

You should expect to spend at minimum 10-16 weeks to get started with any of these instruments.  As your training continues you’ll move from beginner to intermediate and hopefully to advanced.  Note that even the best classic string musicians consider themselves lifelong students of the art and continue to practice and learn.

If you’re undecided on which classic stringed instrument to take up, you can take a test course that will allow you to experience both instruments and learn the differences between cello and violin.  The Bass, of course, is different all together, but if you are playing one type of instrument and want to try another you can do it with Songdog.  The playing ranges with each of these instruments can overlap each other.  The more obvious differences are the sizes of the instruments and the sounds they produce. All are played with a bow that runs across the strings, although many technique include picking as well.

Some people find playing the violin, under the jaw, uncomfortable.  The cello and base are both played standing up from the ground and can be more comfortable for some.  For the most part you can apply skills learned on any one of these classic strings to another.

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violin lesson

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violin lesson

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