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We Are Musicians Guiding Musicians

When you walk into Songdog, you become a musician. First off it’s a mindset, a decision, a way of thinking and hearing. After that, it’s just adding the instrument and some hand movements.

There is a LOT of guitar ‘instruction’ on the web. Much of it is incomplete, misleading, amateur, and as a matter of fact kind of disappointing. At Songdog we are pros. Our training, experience, and careers are in two areas:

Making Music

Teaching Music


The Skills you Need                                                    to Play the Music you Want

Music skills are universal: we have curriculum that enables you.

Music lessons are personal: we craft your repertoire for you alone.

Any style: We are not “rock players” or “country players” we are musicians.

Your child wants to learn Frozen? Done.

You want to learn Bollywood movie songs? Been there, done that.

Wanna thrash on some Dimebag Darrell? Booya.


Feedback, aka Actual Human Interaction

How do you like those ‘tutorials’ where dude shows where to put your fingers? Not so much?

An experienced and sympathetic instructor sees and hears how you are doing and gives you specific info on what’s right, what’s wrong, and what to do next. And he works with your individual learning style and the skills you already own … and brings you to the art of music. It’s people.




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Start Your Lessons!

THIS guy doesn’t give guitar lessons. But Mr. Clapton did make a LOT of records and we can show you how to learn his music through those. Sound cool? It’s not as hard as you might think, we’ll show you how.

So even though Eric Clapton won’t personally teach you, you can still learn from him. And you won’t end up sounding like him – better, you’ll sound like you.



Guitar Studio featuring Jay Albert, founder of Songdog. All lessons should be this fun!

First off you play real songs immediately, cool ones. From there you learn….more cool ones! But even better you will learn how to teach yourself and also how to make up your own music. Didn’t know you could do that? It’s easy, eight year olds do it their first lesson. You can too.

Second, however much fun you’re having with the guitar, you are also learning in a well-designed curriculum that follows state and national standards for music education. It’s serious education…we just haven’t forgot the joy.

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