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Acoustic – Electric – Classical – Bass – Ukulele

Private lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Focus on the style of music that you enjoy most: Rock, Pop, R&B, Indie, Metal or Classical.

Learn in a friendly relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for opening up your mind and learning the skills it takes to be a musician.  There are many places where you can learn where to put your fingers on a guitar to make the notes of your favorite song. We go beyond that and teach Music – how to hear it, feel it, play it, make it up – yourself.

We operate on the “Teach a man to fish” philosophy.
Teach a person a song and he has one song. Teach a person to sing and he has music for a lifetime.
We like the parable parallel, and it applies to singing, guitar, ukulele, cello or any other instrument you choose.

Our lessons program begins with understanding what you want to do with your instrument. We don’t make you play music you aren’t going to play once we aren’t there.  Learn what you like. Learn your first song in lesson one.  The second lesson helps you understand good practice techniques and understanding more about the music you can make with your instrument.  We’ll teach you a few new skills too.  Lesson three is where things start getting exciting.  By then you are feeling more comfortable with your instrument so we will push it a little and see how you play some more advanced techniques.  We’ll also begin learning your first full length melody.

cleveland music lessons


Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes.  Your training can be flexible but should be consistent.  Your schedule does not have to be at the same hours every week but an agreed upon plan is required before we begin.

– Play the music of your favorite artists
– Train your ears
– Learn chords and melody
– Develop your own feel for rhythm and groove
– Experience playing as a group or solo

While the number of lessons is up to you, you should expect to take roughly 5-6 lessons (with practice) before you will begin to learn some songs.  Note that each student is different and that this is an average amount.

There are 10 Jillion guitar teachers out there, why Jay?

A TEACHER should have a good education himself. He has advanced degrees IN MUSIC (not Communications, Marketing, Finance, or a “related field”): a Bachelor of Music (classical guitar performance), Master of Arts in Music Theory, Doctoral Studies in Music Theory and Composition. Throughout he has studied not only music but the pedagogy of it: how to teach.

A MUSICIAN should play. Jay has diverse and current performance experience: solo guitar, singer/songwriter, rock bands, jazz bands, choirs, and several other odd combinations of instruments.

A LEADER should know his industry. Jay has founded music schools, directed arts education agencies; designed curricula; presented concerts; written grants; reported to boards and presidents. He is an author, and has taught from professional/grad school down to Pre K.

A wise man once said “80% of what you teach is who you are” meaning that the teacher him or her self makes or breaks the class. He loves teaching, kids and adults, and he loves helping people find their way into music.

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cleveland music lessons

If you are into guitar at all then you probably know one of rock and roll’s most famous guitarist’s Eric Clapton.  Most people are under the impression that this guitar playing royalty learned the instrument on his own.  However reality is much different. At some point, in an interview Mr. Clapton said that his best learning of Rhythm and Blues guitar licks came from an instructor named Adrian Fisher.  The rest is guitar playing history.

Songdog Music can’t guarantee you’ll play as well as Eric Clapton, however we can assure you that with our lessons and regular practice you can become a very good guitar player.

Guitar Studio featuring Jay Albert, founder of Songdog. Guitar lessons should all be like this!

cleveland music lessons

First off you play real songs immediately, cool ones. From there you learn….more cool ones! But even better you will learn how to teach yourself and also how to make up your own music. Didn’t know you could do that? It’s easy, six year olds do it their first lesson. You can too.

Second, however much fun you’re having with the guitar, you are also learning in a well-designed curriculum that follows state and national standards for music education. It’s serious education…we just haven’t forgot the joy.

Our  Students Say…


cleveland music lessons

Music is fun, it’s also an academic topic. We respect both of those facts. The first lessons, beginners will learn:
–songs you know
–techniques for playing the instrument efficiently
–how to make up your own music and begin writing your own songs
–music notation and tab
–ear training

We’ll have fun. It SHOULD be fun!

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