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While individual instructions certainly allow both student and teacher the flexibility to focus on issues pertaining to one particular student, there is also much to be gained from participating in one of the many Camp options available from Songdog Music. This type of cooperative and collaborative learning provides many of the following

Benefits of Songdog Camps

Students see how others play and sometimes emulate and often compete with their own style.

–Acknowledgement of individual differences.
Maybe you’re good at playing fast and I’m good at playing accurately. Both styles have their place and seeing that not everyone plays the same instrument exactly the same way is important in music and in life.

–Interpersonal development.
Discussion of music, songs and the learning process between students is invaluable. It makes students enjoy the process more and very often they meet to discuss music after the class is over. Building an overall love for music.

–Active involvement.
While one on one training is very often the teacher telling students what to do, the group process is much more interactive.

–Less pressure from instructors.
Students feel  less pressure when the instructor’s attention is spread out among many participants.  This allows them to think and develop questions and benefit from questions and comments other students make.

–Peer to peer feedback
Many times students give more importance to the comments of their peers than an older or more experienced teacher.  If a fellow student says “i love the way you play” it can encourage a student to work even harder, while when a instructor says it, it may seems out of place.

Summer and Fall Camps

–Laid back atmosphere
–Learn contemporary songs and techniques
–Students play solo and as group
–Multiple instructors
–Blending music learning with fun
–Music theory included in the program
–Students groups with those of similar skill level
–Age groups vary by camp (see details below)


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music camp

Ukulele mesmerism


Elementary classes made posters to promote their original songs



music camp

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music camp

music camp