Homeschool Families Love Songdog!

Songdog Music provides both enrichment classes suited to homeschool groups and co-ops, and individual music mentoring in private lessons. Music lessons with Songdog suit homeschoolers particularly well. Since most parents do not possess the specialized training needed, music teachers are often of particular interest to them. Songdog understands the need for the hightest level of content and teaching ability. We can also assist in contributing to a student’s work portfolio or written narrative assessment.

Conveniently, lessons can be scheduled during the day, avoiding the hectic after-school hours. 

Consider these highlights;

  1. Music mentoring in a private studio setting.
  2. Experienced, educated instructor.
  3. Course of study based on conservatory content and NAfME standards.
  4. Music instruction tailored to student and family needs.
  5. Academic content delivered with focus on the music most appropriate to student & family.
  6. Genres include: classical, jazz, rock/popular, worship, folk/world.
  7. Student-centered approach to music fundamentals.


Music requires many skill sets in order to learn and create; each student brings a different combination of skills to music study. Their strengths become their doorway into the subject and to skills that are new or more foreign to them.

Songdog training programs suits homeschoolers uncommonly well. We serve both the parental interest in academic rigor and the student interest in playing fun music.

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