Via Skype





It’s called all of those and more, you get the idea.

We’re just going to refer to it as Skyping because though there are several formats and services let’s face it, everybody calls it Skyping.

How We Songdogs Do It:

*Online *Audio *Visual *Live and personal with Your Teacher

*We Make use of Document Sharing, Chat, and Youtube Videos

*You can pay via Paypal, or with these old-fashioned little bits of paper that you write on and they go to your bank. Folks used to call them “Checks.”

IF you don’t know:

To Skype all you need is a computer, a decent web connection, a webcam, and a Skype account which is free.

So if you are not fortunate enough to live in the southwest region of Cleveland … you can still get all the benefits of studying your music with Songdog.



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Start Your Lessons!

THIS guy doesn’t give guitar lessons. But Mr. Clapton did make a LOT of records and we can show you how to learn his music through those. Sound cool? It’s not as hard as you might think, we’ll show you how.

So even though Eric Clapton won’t personally teach you, you can still learn from him. And you won’t end up sounding like him – better, you’ll sound like you.



Guitar Studio featuring Jay Albert, founder of Songdog. All lessons should be this fun!

First off you play real songs immediately, cool ones. From there you learn….more cool ones! But even better you will learn how to teach yourself and also how to make up your own music. Didn’t know you could do that? It’s easy, six year olds do it their first lesson. You can too.

Second, however much fun you’re having with the guitar, you are also learning in a well-designed curriculum that follows state and national standards for music education. It’s serious education…we just haven’t forgot the joy.

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