Why I Love Music Notation

“Songs”. “Pieces” if you're a classical nerd (I am). They're what we live for, and there are far too many to remember. This is why we write down music. 

And there are SO many ways to do it. Indeed the…

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Finding the "IN DOOR" to Music

The following is a post from an article I wrote more than nine years ago for the Teaching Artist Journal. This fabulous publication is no more, sadly, although the group does continue to do good work in the field of…

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Right Livelihood

City driving is stressy and bad. Wanna make it worse? Add rush hour. Wanna make it worser? Add a late winter Cleveland day - everything is lead grey, the road is slick, the sky is dribbling a weird substance that…

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Please Mess Up!

Learning is messy. Mistakes are an extremely important part of it, in fact mistakes can be seen as a part of the definition of learning: if you don’t make any mistakes: You are not learning. 

Why? Because if you can…

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Morning Music

Good Morning!

. . . . . . every day, every one of us, we all do it.

And there is a lot of advice about how to do it, mornings, I mean. When it should be, what you should…

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