Right Livelihood

City driving is stressy and bad. Wanna make it worse? Add rush hour. Wanna make it worser? Add a late winter Cleveland day - everything is lead grey, the road is slick, the sky is dribbling a weird substance that…

Please Mess Up!

Learning is messy. Mistakes are an extremely important part of it, in fact mistakes can be seen as a part of the definition of learning: if you don’t make any mistakes: You are not learning. 

Why? Because if you can…

Morning Music

Good Morning!

. . . . . . every day, every one of us, we all do it.

And there is a lot of advice about how to do it, mornings, I mean. When it should be, what you should…

Duke Ellington and the Instincts of Infielders

Denny is learning how to play the blues. The vehicle I have chosen is Duke's famous "C Jam Blues", a classic 12 bar with a dead easy melody and as much swing as a dude can possibly pack into 4/4.