Thinking About Learning Music

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We teach music!

If you are here, you are probably interested in that, so this page is a good one to start with.

 No doubt you know there are very many website which provide music instruction. They all say they are the best. They generally involve some hip looking dude, probably with tats, in front of a wall of expensive equipment. They say they have new ideas. But they really just teach out of the same mold as a beginner book written in the late 1940's by a guy with little musical training and zero education training (Seriously. I'll blog about it one of these days).

We on the other hand generally involve a rather middle aged dude with no tats, and less hair than he sported in his heyday, who happens to hold three college degrees in music, has held numerous jobs where higher education institutions trusted him to train musicians, and has also taught teaching artists of other mediums (theater, dance, visual arts, writing). And one who has been known rock out, hard, with crowds yelling, singing, dancing, and occasionally throwing clothing. In other words: We Get It. Whether that is the grungy spirit of loving music, or the academic ability to understand it deeply.


And we do in fact have new ideas about teaching music. Here, we'll show you. . . . .





explaining how . . . .