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Primarily I am addressing fellow music educators. However other teachers with an interest in providing music experiences will find resources here as well.

And you certainly do not need to be associated with a district to engage our services.

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IF you are interested in something I do not list below, but that seems rather adjacent to what I do, absolutely feel free to write regarding your project. In the end all education is customized anyway, and I happen to find lots of fun play in adapting to new challenges!



"I wanted to say how enjoyable the performances were yesterday. You are a very talented man! It made my heart warm to see the hard work, teamwork, and enthusiasm in all students. Your music really captured the essence of every single word they sang/rapped. I was so impressed! I also was so pleased to see the respect given to the singers by the student body. You did an awesome job!"” - Vicky ~ Elementary Administrative Assistant

Gearing up for my third year of residency at the Rocktober Fest at Berea City School District.

This concert event of the MS/HS string program was inspired years ago by a residency with the Mark Wood Project. The kids adored it and the district and families response was so great that the Directors developed a version more focused on their own resources and skills - thereby building in something really important: SUSTAINABILITY. 


I am blissed and honored to have been called and called back for this project. Their idea was to bring in professionals to support the student ensembles: drums, and guitar (me!). This year we will also include a professional keyboardist too; excited to hear what that will add! 

Founded by recently-retired HS Orchestra Director Lisa Cheshier and this year produced by Michele George and Olivia Polosh, the concept of hiring 'ringers' was chosen with a very specific outcome in mind: a rock band needs a solid rhythm section. Drums are the heart of that, as is Bass, and the electric Guitar is foundational in order to really get a rock sound. Give this kind of support and your string players receive a big, beautiful, customized framework into which they can place their melodies.


Meet BCSD Orchestra Directors here


Value Added: The kids get to work with adult pros - see and hear how they do their jobs. And we get to assist with performance prep and rehearsals too. 


This year I hope to bring in some help to document this cool project. If I succeed, you'll see and hear here! ;-) 



Coming Soon: Email Group/Newsletters. Scholarships. Scores. 









I have delivered maybe a dozen residencies and overseen a hundreds others, from k-12 to PD, from music skill intensive to cross curricular, from school to collegiate to community.  

Basically they must all be crafted for the specific setting your organization needs. So I've listed a couple below, but if you have an idea and you think it might be a fit based on what you see here: CALL ME! We can craft something new and beautiful.




TITLE: The Rock Ringer 
GRADE LEVEL: 7-12 Orchestra or Band or Choir or any combination thereof 
DESCRIPTION: We utilize the old tactic of hiring a ringer to fill out a section - only it brings in a professional to fill out a student ensemble, and it ads in the electric guitar. Simple, yes. But if you are programming a concert with several rock pieces, the benefits can be pretty big . . . . . more info
DELIVERY LOGISTICS: In Person. Our location is Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. but travel/lodging is entirely plausible. 


TITLE: Your Voice Is A Choice 
DESCRIPTION:  In creative writing they speak of the author's voice; I approach writing a song the same way. Zero composing experience required from students or teachers! . . . . more info
DELIVERY LOGISTICS: In Person. Our location is Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. but travel/lodging is entirely plausible.  



Longer-term, skill-based courses are available. These can all be done over the internet, I normally use Zoom but if your school has an interface that works better, that is great. My goal in offering these is to provide teaching in topics most of us don't get much of in our own training. It is just my own peculiar background which makes all of this my native language.  

TITLE: Songwrighting  
DESCRIPTION: As a playwright or shipwright crafts their work, so we craft our songs or pieces. . . . more info
DELIVERY LOGISTICS: Via internet or in person. Students will need regular access to some type of device capable of capturing and storing: audio data, video data, a music notation app, a digital analog workstation, or something.  


TITLE: Everyone Improvises  
DESCRIPTION: It is universally accessible and ridiculously easy . . . . . the way I teach it. . . . more info
DELIVERY LOGISTICS: Via internet or in person. IF perchance this is for you the teacher, I can create whatever course structure your district requires for PD.  


TITLE: Training For Guitarists   
DESCRIPTION: Got a rocker in your jazzband? Got wayward non-participatory musicians? We can craft this however you need: as a class, as individual lessons, weekly or monthly or another frequency. . . . more info
DELIVERY LOGISTICS: Via internet or in person. IF perchance this is for you the teacher, I can create whatever course structure your district requires for PD.  




Excerpts - Snapshots - Quotes 

“Jay Albert is truly gifted at teaching, motivating and inspiring students of all ages. His knowledge of all types of music from classical, jass, to hip-hop is unparalleled. His residency at Cleveland School of the Arts has left us all wanting more.”  ~Dianna, HS orchestra director



Page one, movement one, of a suite for string orchestra. This kid stopped composing NEVER! He was prolific, inventive and enthusiastic always. And his Director saw to it that quite a few of his pieces received performances. Beautiful. 

Hmmmm, Viola I and Viola II?  
Guess what instrument the composer played. 




A group composition from our summer camp: Adventure Time Signature. 
Note the graphic score roll laid out on the floor! 





29 classes, K-5, each wrote a song, lyrics, melody, and all. I was their ringleader through brainstorming, gathering ideas, testing ideas, achieving consensus. For melody, harmony, structure items I gave them options and we crafted it all into a finished piece. Here are some of their posters. 





  Some Thoughts From the Kids . . . . . . 


“Thank you for helping us with the song! Also thank you for using some of my lyrics and dance moves. We really appreciate you helping us! You pushed me to do something I love without backing out.” ~Your biggest fan, Hannah - 4th grade  


“you're cool & nice.”  ~Reagan -3rd grade  


“I hope one day I will know the guitar like you.”  ~Tyler -3rd grade 


“Thank you Mr. Albert for helping us with our Zombie Song. It was fun to perform.” ~Jena -4th grade 


“You are the best. When I grow up I want to be just like You!!! Rock & Roll” ~member of “The Warriors”, Ms. Armstrong's 4th grade band, unsigned but decorated extravagantly.  


“Thank you for letting us write our own music. It was a great time working with a professional music writer/composer. I had a great time at the concert we had.” ~Jordan -5th grade  


“I liked wen I met you. I loved wen you hellpt me write a song. Then I liked wen you hellpt me sing. I wuz nirvis.” ~Joseph -kindergarten 


“Thank you for hllping us in myoosik clas. I rily lict wen you figrd it out. The band sownd wus rily good.” ~Maddy - kindergarten