Live Online Music Lessons  

Your Goals = Achieved: The Power of a Great Music Teacher

There is something about learning from an accomplished musician: hearing and seeing them play and demonstrate, getting the facts from someone who has worked with those facts professionally, and then playing your own versions of music and getting feedback on your work that is kind, helpful, and trustworthy. Many people find this tried and true way of learning flexible and comfortable. Yes, there are other ways to learn to play music. But there is no better way.  




You Can Choose To Begin Right Now

Here Is All You Need To Know

To Prove That You Can Learn To Play Music



  • Music is made of sound.
  • Sound is a physical property: so you can use logical, linear problem solving to understand it.
  • We adults have spent most of our education, career, life utilizing logical thought. Music can be learned with this, one of your greatest skills.



  • Sports and athletics involve using our bodies to do tasks, often using tools - rackets, balls, shoes, etc.
  • Playing a musical instrument involves making strings, keys, reeds, wind, sticks, etc. do the stuff we want them to do.
  • All sports have conditioning, technique, strategy, practice, performance, regimens. Playing music uses the exact same methods.



  • Speaking, listening, reading, writing - all involve using vocabulary, grammar, syntax etc. to convey meaning.
  • We all use these things, day to day, for a hundred different purposes. Some people use them at a far higher level: great orators, teachers, poets, leaders. But we all possess the ability.
  • Music is simply another human language. If you only ever learn one thing from me, let it be this: you have music wired into you, body and mind. All you need do to bring it out is to begin doing the tasks of music.




  • Three distinct areas of human thought and activity
  • We all do all of them to some extent
  • We each have our personal strengths and weaknesses
  • You can learn music by relying on your strengths
  • You can build from there to grow all of the others

                                 the hour of fulfillment 

is buried in years of patience 

.  .  .  

Oh, what good it does the heart 

to know it isn’t magic! 

~Mary Oliver 

      from “Stanley Kunitz”