2023 Songdog Music Practice Book
  • 2023 Songdog Music Practice Book

2023 Songdog Music Practice Book

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One thing separates musicians from nonmusicians, mainly: musicians play music regularly. This book is a tool to get new musicians started thinking and doing music. It provides a structure, a time frame to use, and some perspective to get started.

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Sound is described and understood through physics and therefore one must                  THINK 

One creates music using one's body, as in athletics and therefore one must perceive, feel &     LISTEN 

Any Art is a language, one chooses and then communicates. It is a Doing, one must         PLAY 

Music is understandable, not mysterious, and it can be learned, but it requires effort         REPEAT



Songdog Music Education is not like any other education site you will find on the web:

Most think of music in terms of genre. We know that sound is universal. 

Most think studying music is only one instrument. Every instrument makes sound, universally. 

Most think that music ability is some weird mystical “Gift.” Every musician has earned it. This means you can too.


At Songdog we are TEACHING ARTISTS 

It's what we do. No one does it better. Reach Out and see (or rather, hear)

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A Sample of what happens when you let a composer loose with a bunch of middle school singers: They make up stuff!! This song is the result of a residency in which Songdog collaborated with the choir students to create a school spirit song.

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