Key of D Practice Tracks

This page is for Practice Tracks with a Tonal Center of D. There are three sections below: first for Major, the second for Minor, and a third for Blues-based tracks which are flexible enough to use either or both. Above each video are the vital statistics for the track - what you need to know in order to play along with/over it. For tips and ideas for using these, please see the general introductory page /practice-tracks.

Practice Tracks in D Major

Title & Comments: Tanpura. This is a melodic Tonal Center used in Carnatic music. In western terms it uses the Root and the 5th of a Key (aka. tonal center). Is it Major? Is it Minor? Neither! which means we can practice using either one. Cool huh?  
Author: Delhite gurdeep  
Meter & Tempo: n/a (there is a Carnatic rhythm structure here, but it does not translate to a simple time signature. Just play along!)  
Key: D any  
Scales, Pitch vocabulary: any D major or minor. Or simply the open strings of the guitar or uke.     
Chord: D any

Title & Comments: Plain D, a super simple track.
Author: Nathan Hansen.
Meter & Tempo: 4/4 about 94bpm 
Key: D Major 
Scales, Pitch vocabulary: D major. D pentatonic major.
Chords: D  G  A



Title & Comments: Doo wop changes.
Author: Music Art. 
Meter & Tempo: 4/4 about 80bpm  
Key: D Major  
Scales, Pitch vocabulary: D major. D pentatonic major. 
Chords: D  G  A  Bm

Practice Tracks in D Minor

Title & Comments: Josie-ish track. Basically it takes the main vamp from the Steely Dan song and keeps it simple."Dorian" is a mode similar to minor (aka "Aeolian"). It really does sound better here and if you know it, play it. But if you know only minor, play that, it won't misbehave much at all.
Author: Tony Janflone Jr. 
Meter & Tempo: 4/4 about1231bpm 
Key: D Minor 
Scales, Pitch vocabulary: D minor. D pentatonic minor. 
Chords: Dm




Title & Comments: Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2. Or at least that is the vibe here. It's really just the vamp on the i chord, very good for working your riffs into a solo. It's 29 minutes long, feel free to stop whenever.
Author: Igor Nobrega.
Meter & Tempo: 4/4 about 103bpm.
Key: D Minor 
Scales, Pitch vocabulary: D pentatonic minor. 
Chords: Dm  G  (and just a hint of Bb now and then.)

Practice Tracks in D with a flexible modality