For those preparing for serious work: an audition, college admission, a professional recording project, a press kit, a big gig, or whatever your career goal. This level is customized and intended for intense work. Content and pricing must be discussed beforehand.



Google calendar + Instructions 

You may schedule your Instructional Meetings during a TIME BLOCK as displayed in the calendar below.  

*As we begin this method lets try to stick to the "regular" times that each of you have. Some students are accustomed to their standing time slots and I'd like to honor that. However you may also schedule your Instructional Meetings to suit your own situation. That flexibility is a primary reason I am trying out this method. 

*You can schedule a whole month at a time if you wish. 

1 Choose your time 

2 Make sure it doesn't conflict with someone else's 

3 Create your Event 

4 INVITE ME! I'll confirm, and then we're on. If you don't invite me, I may not see your event! 

*Please choose carefully and change only for emergencies, and with 24 hours notice if at all possible. This is my work calendar and it meshes with all of yours as well, so please help us run it smoothly. THANKS!! 

*Missed lessons are exactly that: Missed. If you fail to show up, it's gone. If you notify me 24 hours ahead of time, I'll be happy to accept whatever reschedule you choose, in a listed Time Block of course. 

*Last week of the month! Let's not all shove makeup lessons into the last week, please. 


Drive folder + Instructions 

In your folder:  

-2020 Point A to Point B – This is the last item in our 2020 Practice Book, you know, the one we barely got to use. Thanks Covid! We'll discuss in lessons but basically: Fill it out!  

-Practice Book 2020 December – For use now. Give it a try. Though there's just a couple weeks left I put it in here as a “warmup” for the coming year  

-SDMPractice Book 2021 – I bet you figure this one out all on your own!  ;-)  

Yet To Come – We can use this folder for videos, audio files, word docs, music scores, and anything else that educator and learner require.