Lessons -- Individual Music Instruction




Music is AWESOME! Everybody loves music and many want to learn how to make it for themselves. Beyond just listening, they want to DO IT. 


It's not hard. Really. However you will have to apply your intelligence, patience, and perseverance. It takes effort, beyond that it takes Good Effort. In other words you get out what you put in, like anything worthwhile.

Might be helpful to have a helper. Even better would be a helper with education and experience who knows the entirety of the subject and not just one tiny portion of it. Think of us like a doctor. While you are the master of your own body, your doc knows the science which holds it all together and makes it work.


All of this sound complex? It is, as I said. That's why we earn college degrees in music. That's why we practice hours a day from our teen years to our middle age. That's why we hold jobs that require us to work with other professionals and learn from other subjects. That's why we constantly strive to be experts in our field.

And that's how we are able to simplify learning music for you.





Some people like to learn alongside others. 

Some situations call for groups of people to get together to learn. 

We have so much experience doing this, we could talk for hours. But you don't wanna hear that. Just know this: Whatever the context you and your group want to learn in - we can teach you. 


School Classrooms - School Assemblies - Community Centers - Parks - Festivals - Homeschoolers - Campfires - Corporate Training and Development - Teacher Professional Days - BunchofDadsinaGaragewithBeerandIntenttoMakeNoise  





Music is an inherent trait of being human.

It is –Yours already – like a seed 

our job is to help you grow it.



We operate out of Student–Centered Thinking.

This realizes that each of us has differentiated 






If you bring us your desire to learn, and your commitment to making your own effort – we will get you to your goals.